“In his art, Thomas has no fear,” wrote Christopher Harrity of Advocate Magazine. “His camera
is an open door to the world.”

In other words?  Thomas Evans is fearless, and from the moment he was gifted with a camera, he
has used his platform to empower others to be the same. His camera was a catalyst for his own
personal transformation. The world opened widely for Evans once he learned that he could be
far more creative behind the lens than in front of it. His “less-than-usual,” gender-fluid style is a
challenge to both his subjects and his patrons, walking the delicate line between play and
provocation, masculine and feminine, class and glamour. Simply put, his portfolio is an
exposition and celebration of the authentic self.

Beginning with just raw talent and a natural sense of lighting and composition, Evans worked to
hone his distinctive style through his study at the International Center for Photography, where he
took an interest in photoshop, color correcting and image processing. Photographers Mike Ruiz
and Patrick McMullan would serve as great inspiration during his creative development, and
later become mentors. He would later work with McMullan at the Mercedes Benz Fashion
Week in New York City, becoming a staple photographer for the event during his developing

It didn’t take long for print outlets to take notice of Evans’ eye-catching work. His keen ability
to identify the photographic needs of publishers and advertisers proved lucrative, and has led to
features in Vogue, The Advocate, Dark Beauty Magazine, Go, People, Paper, Next, A&U, and
Frock Magazine. Like his spirit, his abilities are multifaceted. His innate artistic vision has
helped him build and manage celebrated brands, direct music videos, and cultivate shows using
both visual and performance art.

Thomas’s diverse accomplishments have allowed him to represent the scene he cares most about
- his own. He has become a critically acclaimed photographer in the vibrant arts and LGBTQ+
community in New York City. He is the photographer of choice for internationally acclaimed
drag queens including Alaska, Raven, Bianca De Rio, Aja and Shanglea (to name a few). Evans
shot Rodrigo Alves, the human ken doll, for his wildly successful campaign called Femme the
Man. The series, aimed at breaking down society’s prescribed labels of masculinity and
femininity, quickly caught fire and was featured on prominent German television networks. In
order to further it’s impact, Evans led a masterclass for the photography students of Central
Connecticut State University, guiding them through a day on set for Femme the Man, and
teaching them about the transformative power of photography.

Evans feels a philanthropic responsibility not only to the community of budding photographers,
but to the world at large. In his crusade to fight shame, he began work as the Creative Content
Manager and Photographer for World Health Clinicians, an organization that promotes HIV
Testing and Awareness throughout the United States and Zimbabwe. After aiding nearly 2,000
people from the rural villages of Zimbabwe in being tested and educated about HIV, he became
the co-creator of his own multi-media campaign called “HIV Equal,” now called HIV Advocates.
Using the nearly 40,000 followers that he has amassed on social media, he aims to rebrand the
campaign and de-stigmatize HIV and the individuals effected by it with with a visual art

Evans continues to push himself in his work, and in doing so, pushes others to be their best
selves. His business savvy, which has allowed him to be the executive force in all of his artistic
endeavors, motivated him to co-create the professional branding platform Profile Panda. The
service aims to cultivate client’s professional presence, providing them with a headshot and
narrative biographies for specified social media and websites. Thomas’s clients receive
treatment tailored to their specific goals, aimed at helping talented people reach their potential.

In his art, Thomas is a pioneer, guiding our divisive world toward the vision of the one in his
lens; a world of acceptance, tolerance, love and equality.


Our Services


All photos on my website are works of art. They can be printed and shipped to your home. 

There are three options for printing and many sizes available ranging from 8x10 to 30x40.

1. Gallery Acrylic Facemount, there is no added space between the acrylic and the print. This enhances the image and its colors and reflects them brilliantly in your home or gallery. This vibrant option's unique style has easily become a favorite among professional artists and galleries. The prints are hung using mounting blocks so they stand-off from the wall giving the product depth and dimension.

2. A unique new way to display your photos and images. Your pictures are printed directly to metal using a high definition direct printing system. The images are bright and vibrant and have a satin finish. The prints are hung using mounting blocks so they stand-off from the wall giving the product depth and dimension.

3. The Endura Metallic paper print. It has a unique metallic sheen for stunning visual impact and depth. Our most dramatic paper for colors that pop right off the print!


If your interested in booking a photo session with me.....

Artists photographs and portraits:

Musicians, drag artist, dancers, actors and visual artists need professional photos for their portfolio, press releases, websites and social media. The photos are also used for your posters, advertising concerts and shows, CD, book covers and calendars.

Fashion and beauty photography:

Modeling portfolio, fashion photography, casting portrait, model portfolios and beauty shots.


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