Executive Biography

With his camera providing an open door to the world, Thomas Evans crafts a story through imagery that cannot be conveyed in words. Working with and inspired by legendary photographers including Mike Ruiz and Patrick McMullan, his work appears in various magazine publications. He has shot cover art for recording artists, and has created portraits for artists who contribute to the vibrant New York City artistic community. 

General Overview

Thomas came of age in New York, and realized that he could be far more creative behind the camera than in front of it. Early on, Thomas found an emotional connection to his camera, and with a natural sense of lighting and composition, he saw beauty in almost anything, and created a style that is uniquely his own. Described in a recent profile as delighting in the “less-than-usual”, Thomas can take an image and employ Photoshop skills to bring it over the edge to create an image that simultaneously “playful and strangely chic”. For Thomas, photography satisfies his creative needs, and brings the control that allows his imagination to come alive. Thomas has been successful across print and video platforms, with a focus on high-impact celebrity and fashion photography.

Thomas Evans Photography

The Thomas Evans Studio specializes in portraiture, fashion shoots and conceptual visual art.  In-studio and on-location photography includes portraits for many in the New York City artistic community. Photography for commercial accounts includes product shots used in advertising and publicity. As an experienced photo editor, Thomas has a keen sense for identifying photography needs for publications, working closely with art directors to plan photographic illustrations for articles. His work has been featured in publications that include Vogue, The Advocate, Dark Beauty Magazine, Go, People, Paper, Next, A&U, and Frock Magazine. Additional work includes fashion photo shoots, most notably the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events in New York City. Thomas works with celebrities and other high profile individuals, and is known for exercising discretion and confidentiality in delivering services and conducting business Thomas is the business and creative force of his studio, booking, scheduling, arranging, and conducting photo sessions, and ensuring high professional quality through edit, color correct,and image processing

Community Service

Thomas has served as Creative Content Manager and Photographer for the non-profit World Health Clinicians, an organization that promotes HIV Testing and Awareness throughout the United States and Zimbabwe, Africa. Using photography to create equality and a social, festive atmosphere, he has helped to have more than 2,000 people from the rural villages of Zimbabwe to receive awareness training and HIV testing. He also directs mini-documentaries about the programs and initiatives undertaken by World Health Clinicians. A current work in progress is a photo campaign to combat stigma. Thomas is the co-creator of the wildly successful “HIV Equal” program, an internationally launched multi-media campaign that endeavors to end the stigma associated with HI. He also promoted HIV testing by employing a social art movement aiming to help people change their minds and perceptions of the virus and the people impacted by HIV. Thomas has provided dedication, hard work and passion, working behind the camera. He delivers a message of hope and optimism, not only through the lens of his camera, but through social media. He has managed the organization’s social media campaign, attracting over 20,000 followers on the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook platforms. In a recent published profile about Thomas Evans, one writer wrote the following: “In his art, Thomas has no fear. His camera is an open door to the world.